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Уникальные авторские книги, изданные ограниченным тиражом

Exclusive unique books

Уникальные авторские книги напечатаны на дизайнерской бумаге и изданы ограниченным тиражом. Эксклюзивная конструкция книжного блока придает книгам неповторимый вид и создает особую пространственную композицию. Переплет из натуральных материалов: дерево, ткань, войлок или кожа, в сочетании с рельефными монограммами из металла или полимерной глины.

Эти книги можно назвать Indie Book, т.к. я произвожу книги автономно и независимо от какого-либо издателя, исключительно по своему желанию.


Exceptional handmade books are printed on a rare types of paper and published by the limited edition. The exclusive unit design of  the books provides a unique appearance and creates a special extensional composition.  Binding is made from the natural materials such as a wood, fabric, felt or leather  in a combination to relief monograms from metal or polymeric clay.

These books can be named Indie Book, since the author produces them independently and irrespective of any publisher, exclusively as desired.


The uniqueness of the method is that the artist makes drawings at the beginning and then invents and draws letters, initials, and only after that writes stories, mystical and fantastic scenes, parables and fairy tales as illustrations to graphic and scenic images.

This method is named by “a reverse illustration “ and has not yet been used in the art. Usually the writer writes the text, and then the artist draws illustrations, and only after that carried edition of the book. In our case all processes are in the hands of one author and controlled only by his creative energy

The next step is to develop a unique image of the book, its shape, size and spatial structure of the unit.  Sometimes this is "pop up", “kinetic carousel”, “liporello” or “3D origami.” The book comes to life in space and becomes an art object that you can not only read, browse and review; it is possible to play, hang in the interior and use the most peculiar way.

A unique cover with sculptured relief from polymer clay and sometimes of bronze and silver, in combination with fasteners, ropes and hooks is made at the end.